Comparison of Symptoms with CFS & B12 Deficiency

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Comparison of Symptoms with CFS & B12 Deficiency

Hi Everyone,

To give you another study to get involved in right away as we wait for your community to grow I've decided to open up the CFS preliminary survey (which deals mainly with symptoms) to the FM and B12 deficiency members. It's been suggested that FM and CFS may in fact be undetected B12 deficiency. If so we should expect some pretty big overlap in symptom patterns.

If you're interested you can find the questionnaire here:

It's best to use a tablet or computer. Using a mobile might drive you mad.

Please enter your FM member ID at the beginning (e.g. FM000001). You'll be able to see your results on the results pages (here at Mendus) but it could take up to a day for me to post them. I haven't been able to automate this process yet. To find the results, there is a black button above and to the right which will take you to a Results list. Or, you can shuffle through the sliding menus above under the communities tab, or, you can go here:

Let me know if you have any questions.